Daily Flywheel: Be productive from dawn until you twilight

Daily Flywheel: Be productive from dawn until you twilight

If you want to lead over 3 or 4 organisations at the same time and you have to study (getting good grades), you also train to compete at a national level and, above all, you want to sleep … Something “weird” has to be done. That’s what I started to do, but it took me a while to see the key: sleep, work, study, repeat and everything (listening and leaving enough freedom to your body).

I’ve always wanted to go at a different speed and I’ve always been open to listening to methods to catalyze my ability to produce (study, train, play, read, etc.). We often come up with strategies that focus on a task or how to study or how to divide work into tasks … But we rarely think in holistic terms, as a whole. And we base our productivity on “not wasting time” or “eating better”. If you create a loop of habits, as Charles Duhigg explains in The Power of Habits everything is much better. This mindset can be found excellently in Mario Luna’s Psychology of Success.

So I designed and tested a flywheel. A flywheel is a growth cycle that feeds itself. You can read his book to better understand the concept. This is the logic:

If I study and work intensely I will deserve to go to train and as a consequence I will sleep better. As I will sleep better I will be able to study and work with greater intensity. And the cycle feeds back. Easy, right?

I arrived at this flywheel thanks to my readings. Mainly the book written by Cristiano Ronaldo’s sleep coach. Supercompensation, a concept coming from the world of sport, necessarily incorporates the need to rest because otherwise the effort will not be incorporated as growth. And what about work or study? Oh, and for everything to be fun I recommend reading about OODA loops; in Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives it is explained by the case of Trump, Jeff Bezos and Rommel (the chapter that I recommend most is 5, WIN).

We believe that we do not have time for anything and that we must be very busy being busy (we should be busy being busy) and we forget to sharpen the saw, a concept developed by Stephen Covey. To understand it, imagine a contest between Basques who cut logs:

Patxi, how did you manage to cut 100 logs in 2 hours if I saw you leave your activity every half hour?

Koldo, I stopped to rest and sharpen my saw to continue cutting. As Basque as it is to cut a tree is not only to have brute force.

Being a student it is difficult to know when we are increasing our Production Capacity and when we are producing (for this, Deep work, So good they can not ignore you and How to become a straight A student). Hence, it is key to think of activities that allow us to be more capable of producing results.

For me, a key concept is to play sports: in situations of heavy workloads “we are too busy”. As Robin Sharma says in The 5 AM club, saying you do not have time to review your activities is like thinking you can not stop for gas because you’re too busy speeding to get there fast (which includes not stopping) your destiny. If the electric car arrives this will also happen !!

To sleep well, I recommend leaving your mobile phone out (with password and power off, if possible) and not using it before sleeping to chat or incorporate new information. All this developed in The 4-hour work week (if you read it is under your responsibility, sapere aude). Personally I recommend having an analog clock, to be able to be a sunrise simulator. I have a dawn simulator that I recommend because it has an excellent quality-price ratio, magnificent.

To sum up: there are many reasons to justify that we should sleep well, work well and play sports. Basically, we need to get out of our comfort zone and then return to it for developing our skills.

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